We are in the midst of a 6th Mass Extinction, we must work together to Save the Planet, with concrete actions... We know what to do and how to do it



A study by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) predicts that at least one year of the five-year period 2022-27, with a 50% probability, will be the warmest of the century with temperatures between 1.5 and 1.8 degrees Celsius. In other words, it will reach the floor of 1.5 degrees and even exceed it... We have run out of time, the situation requires the application of immediate corrective measures on pain of facing the worst consequences of accelerating climate change.

It must be taken into account that if an intercontinental drought occurs for a year, all the great harvests will be lost and, as a result, between 2 and 4 billion human beings will die of hunger, within 3 months of this terminal crisis.



It is necessary to gather the best human resources to ask the right questions and obtain the desired correct answers, in order to take the path from darkness to light and realize the transformation of society and technological civilization in harmony, peace and well-being for all. 

Under this premise, the Gaia Team convenes common people, students, professionals, politicians, businessmen, renowned thinkers, scientists and qualified humanists to develop a Master Plan to save the Planet and a new Social Contract with a view to the XXII Century, which contemplates the development of a Type I civilization, with a universal language, Global Government, Global Direct Digital Democracy, International Council of Sciences, Planetary Army, minimum life annuity for the entire population to cope with job replacement by robotics and AI, abolition of extreme poverty throughout the world, stop Global Warming and decontaminate, and ensure peace on all continents.




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We contacted Brenda Mallory, White House Counselor for Environmental Quality, requesting her adherence to this initiative

We contacted Raúl Grijalva, president of the Natural Resources Committee of the United States Congress, requesting his adherence to this initiative.

We contacted Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program and Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

We contacted the World Bank and invited it to administer the funds of this initiative We have the backing and logistical support of Quantum Investment Bank



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By 2030 there will be 9 billion people
50% more oil and energy will be consumed,
30% more food will need to be produced
and the same for drinking water, contamination
will have risen to 440 ppm of CO2 and the temperature 1.5º C,
we will have cleared as much as the surface of France,
will have lost 10% of the species, the fishing grounds
exhausted and we will need 2 planets to
survive. The growth of cities will occupy a
area equivalent to France, Germany and half of Spain,
while there will be 2 million more people per week.
But, we will be colonizing Mars and there will be robots...




Humanity is going through a deep growth crisis accelerated by technological change, by Global Warming, by overpopulation, by ecological variations and by the potential of a hostile alien intrusion before the end of the present 21st Century.
You need to bring together the best human resources to ask the right questions and get the right answers you want.
Under this premise, the Gaia Team summons renowned thinkers, scientists and qualified humanists to elaborate a Master Plan to save the Planet and a new Social Contract with a view to the XXII Century, which contemplates the development of a Type I technological pre-civilization, with a universal language, Planetary Eco Government, Global Direct Digital Democracy, International Science Council, Planetary Army, minimum life annuity for the entire population to cope with the replacement of labor by robotics and AI, abolition of extreme poverty throughout the world, stop Global Warming, decontaminate and ensure peace on all continents.

From the heart of compassion of all the buddhas who were, are and will be, Maitreya is the voice that tells us “I stand before you to manifest the will of our Father God. He has asked me to tell you – change or become extinct-. The times we are living in are of change, they can be the advent of a new era of extremely high progress and knowledge for the benefit of all humanity, as well as the final fall into self-extermination.
God is also Nature, we must stop contaminating it, outrage it, destroy it, unbalance it or we will pay with our own lives for the affront against the source that gives us daily sustenance and shelters us.
Stop worshiping the clay idols of cinema, television, music, sports, fashion, entertainment, showbusiness, the media, politics, money and sex. Wake up to reality: our planet is dying, because we are killing it and as a consequence we will die with it, we will not be able to escape this fate if we do not change now! our polluting habits of consumption and production.


"The Earth, our home -says Maitreya-, is burning with the insatiable fire of greed, of hyperconsumption, with the fire of overpopulation, it burns with oil, with gas and coal... it burns with deforestation and with the large-scale intensive agriculture… its effects are an alarming increase in extreme weather events: droughts and floods, record low and high temperatures, devastating forest fires, greater intensity and frequency of typhoons, accelerated melting of arctic and antarctic glaciers, slowing of the conveyor belt of the Atlantic Ocean…

Everything is on fire with deadly heat waves, desertification, major hurricanes and a sustained rise in sea level that will affect all island countries and coastal cities… Drinking water and food supplies will be lacking… Everything is on fire with millions of environmental refugees on the rise , which will cause social, political, economic and even military conflicts”.

Projects to live in Environmental Balance
Reforest Delta Project LaserSat

Plant 30 billion kiri trees per year, until reaching 500 billion and capturing 200 gigatons of CO2 in the logs, then felling and burying them, returning this greenhouse gas to the subsoil. Through this natural resource it is possible to buy climate time and extract CO2, a measure that must be complemented with the reduction of hydrocarbon consumption in general.

Aerial Subway, the system is based on hollow reinforced concrete beams, supported by porticoed arches of the same material, prefabricated, as well as the seat bases. The wagons move hanging. They are electric, admit mechanical system or by levitation. They are guided by AI, fully automated. It extends in network every 10 blocks, with stops every 5 blocks. So users only have to walk a maximum of 10 blocks. It can replace all cars.

LaserSat, dome of laser beams over the city. It consists of multiple intelligent laser beam antennas on the roofs of buildings interconnected with each other, transmitting all telephone and internet information. Working in a network, they have the capacity of a satellite earth station and connect directly with the satellites in orbit, transmitting billions of bits of information. Being interconnected at a short distance, there would be no dispersion due to the atmospheric effect and all the cables would disappear.

Domus AirUrb Human-X

Domus. In correlation with the LaserSat antenna system, the Domus Project consists of the installation of server units in horizontal property buildings, and the interior laying of optical fibers. In this way, the users' computers are limited to updating the peripherals, with the server receiving all the information load. This makes it possible to greatly expand electronic services to consortium members, making it possible to carry out all procedures and purchases from home.

AirUrb. Cities grow like a metastasis on the ground, making services increasingly expensive and irrational as they expand. One model that can be explored with 21st century green technology is Le Courbusier's linear city concept. The city is armed with a checkerboard of ten blocks on one side and ten blocks on the other. In the middle there is an elevated train with double track, in one direction and another. Buildings are generally 12 stories tall, which is the maximum efficiency limit for vertical lift transport.

Human-X Technologies is the 3rd generation of micro-portable PC embedded in the body at the biodigital peripheral level. It is the product of the convergence of three existing advanced technologies: 1) Google Glass - Hololens,2) BCI (Brain Computer Interfaces), 3) Synthetic Digital Telepathy. The result is a lens-like cranial device that enables mental commands over the microchip's processing, supporting virtually limitless applications and functions. Because during its use the brain is neurostimulated to enter alpha wave frequency and greater coherence between both hemispheres.

Humanitarian Marketing Telework One child per family

Helping at no cost is the solution that the Humanitarian Marketing Program allows. In other words: you buy online on the Internet, within the pages associated with the Global Solidarity system, pay the same as in any of these more than 1,500 virtual stores initially adhered and that collaborate with the system and, 80% of the commission for that sale is automatically transferred to the electronic account of a humanitarian organization of your free choice. The remaining 20% covers operational and internal development costs of the program.

Telework. We can organize globally through telecommuting and multiple portals. Today it is feasible to create a multipurpose multinational through the network. Earning money and helping save the planet are compatible goals. We can all benefit from and cooperate with this Global Positive Change. And to improve health we can incorporate the habit of meditating and Hatha Yoga exercises. Shared proprietary shares. Shared knowledge. Shared efforts. Resources dumped to shared internet.

Overpopulation. We will be NEAR 10 billion in 2030. 15 billion in 2050 and 18 billion in 2100. Being more, we demand more of the limited resources of planet Earth, more energy, more food, more inputs and we cause more and more pollution. The solution to the problem is to reduce the population and stabilize it at around 5,000 million inhabitants by the year 2075, for this it is necessary for families to limit themselves to having only one child and do so throughout the world at the same time.




Participate, contact us. Together we can positively change the world. wake up and collaborate


WHO WE ARE.- The Gaia Team within MasterEarth to save the Planet is an initiative of Global Solidarity, through a strategic alliance with Quantum Investment Bank.

We are working to unite and coordinate efforts with international environmental banks, founding the Green Interbanks, whose mission is to facilitate financing for sustainable projects with a positive return around the world, providing support to the Drawdown Project, the international green card to raise funds for the planting of 30 billion trees per year to capture CO2, to the

Delta System to replace individual vehicles in all cities, accelerate the development of fusion reactors and cutting-edge geothermal technology to generate abundant cheap electricity, replacing thermal power plants that run on hydrocarbons. The general director of the global project is the architect Roberto Guillermo Gomes.

If you wish to contact us, you can do so through the email address green.interbanks@gmail.com



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